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I am new to this site, what a wonderful find. Thank you all especially the techs!!. Just a quick question, I currently own a 91 300 ce, w/ 138,000 miles,I have had a headgasket put in @ about 120,000. There was some electolysis damage to the block, & the tech. used some epoxy to fill this area. It sounded "mickey mouse" to me but what could he have done?. The head was "cleaned Up", but I was told that it is leaking again, by my dealer. Its a slight oil leak, so I do not think I am going to worry about it??.Any ideas?.
Also are these models subject to all the crankshaft dampner problems that I read about the 94-94 e320's?.
One last thing, we are considering buying another 300 e sedan for my wife, but I think I am almost afraid (from what I read on this site) to own to MB's. Are the 88-90 single cams less prone to headgasket leaks than the dual cam models, cheaper to fix, etc. Thanks for any advise
Scott (I love these cars!)
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