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Still Chasing Cause

I've now replaced cap, rotor, and yesterday the coil. After replacing coil, I started car. Ran fine and sounded wonderful. This morning (12 hours later), car cranked but would not start. I inspected the previous nights work. Jiggled around the coil connections, found all to be correct. Tried car again - started right up. ???? Drove to work and 5 miles into ride car displayed the ocassional issue - tack went to zero for 2-3 seconds, shuddered a bit, back to correct RPMs and no issues for the remainder of the ride. Has this latest episode given anyone a new idea as to the cause of my intermittant power loss? I going to inspect very carefully all wiring leading into/out of coil. Should I replace the original wires next? Factory wires or, as someone suggested Magnecor? Thanks!!!
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