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thanks for all the great help so far bill and larry (and all the various others...). i am sold on the new o/s piston approach, and have already ordered 4 brand new 91.25mm pistons. here is my newest concern. i was browsing through my MB shop manual, and noticed that the cylinder bore sizes for the cylinders differed. cyls. 2-4 are the same size, while cyl. 1 is .01mm larger than the others. why? since you fellows havnt mentioned this so far, i am inclined to believe that it doesnt make much difference. if someone can furnish me with exact bore specs for all 4 cylinders w/ new 91.25mm pistons so that i may then transfer them to the machine shop i would be most greatful. and, if it makes no difference what exact size the cyls. are bored to as long as i take the pistons to the shop so that they may bore accordingly, please notify me so that i may stop my incessent worrying. thanks again guys
william gum
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