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Can I borrow your carburetor for a week or so?

Sounds crazy, but here is an explanation... I recently sold my '73 280 to a fellow in Grand Prarie Tx. The trouble is my carb is only slightly more useful than a brick soaked in gasoline. Therefor he is having a very difficult time getting a carhauler to haul his new toy. (they want to be ably to drive it up the ramps etc.) The 280 has been sold (I have the $) for at least 2 months now, and it is taking up space intended for my 280SE...not to mention the neighbors are seriously starting to doubt that I ever sold it.
Well, it was just a crazy thought, but I am nearing the end of cheap ideas for this fellow. (why I am trying to help him [after all I have the money, right?]? I feel bad for the guy...his wife (25 yrs old) just died on him from cancer..(she saw the car on ebay 2 weeks before she passed), and I wanted to help him out a far all I have been able to do is throw in some extra 114 parts I had laying around, nothing more.
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