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I have a '95 E420, and on the right rear wheel-well, there is a piece of plastic strip that sorta "snaps" into place between the plastic body bottom side molding and the inner wheel well, I guess to keep it in place. I've noticed that is is a bit loose on the right side, and comes out relatively easy. Nothing seems to be holding it in place. I checked the other side, and it is the same thing, but that side fits more snug...and is perfect. I compared it to the S500 in our garage, and it also has the same sorta setup...comes out easily, but snaps back snug. The one on the rear side of my E420 is not fitting well. It is staying in place, but seems to not fit "snuggly" in there. Anybody got any suggestions on wut I can do to sorta get it back into place? If not, I may take the car into the dealership. I was thinkin' of tryin' to bend it a bit...thanx for the help.
1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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