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Hi again,

The car came to me by a chance (more or less): three years ago I bought a ‘89 Maserati 222 (Biturbo) at a friend’s shop, a very special car I must to say, so italian, it gave me a few great moments although it was affected by a lot of little grizzlies. At the end, few months ago, because of undetermined causes yet, the engine fused.

I made an agreement with my friend, I gave him in addition to mine, another Maserati 222 (a very old and worn away unit, but with the engine in reasonably good shape), and he let me choose one of the cars at the store at that moment.

In the interim, my first son was born, so a big sedan seemed to me a good option (my wife agreed!). Never thought at a Benz before... now I appreciate it.

This little story can explain that I don’t know almost nothing about my Benz. It is a 1986 model (I think), and it was brought from Germany to Spain in 1989 (so maybe it has run two or three “round the world”...). I don’t know anything about previous owners, big repairs, maintenance... the car runs very well, excluding the oil consumption and the grey clouds.

The 230E uses the M102 engine, four cylinder 2300 cc, 136 hp, a very popular engine here in Europe (surely because of the very expensive gas!).

This weekend I have to replace oil, I have planned to put 20w-50 but previously I will add an engine cleaner (detergent/carb dispersant), iddling ten minutes and then put the new oil. I will notify here if it helps...

And yes, probably a head total rebuild and also new rings are the only efficient fixes... but I want to save the money, if I can ;-)

Thanks for your replies.
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