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I unplugged the cold start valve connector which has not made a difference.I have yet to check (which I did the last time) if the valve is leaking.

auxiliary air valve-sticking shut even though car is hot-o2 starvation
Is this the rotary idle valve, the tubular thing that's connected at the end of the breather hose from the valve cover/airfilter housing near the intake?

It may be possible coz when the car is warm, idle is lumpy, and idle speed drops (indicating less air?).There is a little fluctuation in idle.

Also, the oil pressure fluctuates between 2 and 1.8 with the idle.

Normally, after an oil change (last Saturday), the oil pressure is around 2.5 at warm idle.

Prior to the oil change, oil pressure was between 2.2 and 2, which I use as a service indicator (the drop in oil pressure closer to 2 in my car normally coincides with the 10000km oil change).

As a matter of fact, a week before this problem, I noticed slightly surging idle speed when decelerating.

Don't know for sure if these symptoms are related to the idle valve unless someone else has had similar issues and can advise.

I will check and clean (with carb cleaner?) the valve and update.

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