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Question 77 300 D glow plug head scratcher

Hi everyone,

I am new to this board and i have a few questions. I recently purchased a 77 300 D with 109,000 miles.Here is the problem I am experiencing...

A few days ago we had temps down in the low 20s overnight. The next morning when I attempted to start the car it would'n't fire at all. I checked the resistor wires and found that I was getting heat from the 5th to the 3rd cyl. but nothing after that. The resistor wires between the #1 and #2 GPs were warm but not nearly as hot as the others. I pulled all the GPs and replaced them with new Bosch pin plugs, which were just like the ones I pulled out of it. After reconnecting the resistor wires and hooking everything back up, the wires between cyl. #5-4-3 turned red glowing hot and stll nothing between cyl. 1-2-3. Any suggestions and ideas about what would cause this? I wasn't sure how hot the reisitor wires should get so i was worried when it turned red hot. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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