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Before I buy an engine...

Ok guys, I have been doing some serious thinking for the past couple of days about my car. I tend to do this when I am looking at spending serious money to fix her.

Here goes. To get my car started, I have to hold the pedal to the floor and crank her up. She starts right away, but huge clouds of smoke come billowing out of the tailpipe. She runs really rough for about two minutes then smooths out for the most part. She is burning oil at a rapid rate. Normal smoking while rolling down the road, but a tremendous amount on start-up.

I searched the archives and all I really found was an old "argument between P.E.Haiges and Leathermang about prechambers. Entertaining arguement, but really didnt' pertain to my problem.

My question is whether oil can leak into the cylinders while sitting there in the driveway, and when I fire her up, I am burning off the oil. If this is the case, will a valve guide replacement cure my problem, or am I looking at a more extensive problem. By the way, this problem pertains to my 240D.

Advice would be appreciated before I go off the deep end and upgrade to a 300D engine in this one.


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