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If it's th e4-pin coolant temp sensor, yep, i checked the reistance on the diagonally opposite pins and they measure around 280ohms at abt 85 deg C, so it's good.

However, the problem does seem temp-related.

I think my car is running rich cold or warm.

However, it runs well when cold (with a/c on even).

When warm, I need to turn off the a/c to get the car moving from a stop.even then, some hesitation before the car accelerates.

Black smoke and strong exhaust smell obviously from running rich.

This syndrome of running rich happened overnight after an oil change.They didn't adjust the mixture or anything but I wonder if they accidentally knocked off/disconnected something.

I have read on other posts that there is a vacuum advance hose on the distributor that if disconnected, causes the car to run rich (if I remember correctly).I will look for this vac hose but wonder if anyone knows if this is true?

Thanks for your thoughts, Paul.
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