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Unhappy 300SE will not start

Ok- Probably in over my head here.

The story: Car started hesitating on way home tonight in the higher RPM range. I had set the mixture at 50% (fluctuating around that number) per the instructions I gathered from the site.

I check to see what the reading is now- I am getting a 10% reading with some small fluctuation. So I attempt to bring it back to 50%. Car begins to stutter, and idles poorly. I'm getting nervous now so I correct back and the car dies.

Engine now turns over but will only catch for a second or 2, idle VERY low, and then it just dies.

I feel like I am in over my head now, but not ready to give up.

The real problem is that I dont know if the mixture is way to lean or way to rich.

Where do I go from here? I am feeling very humbled as I have been so successful with everything I have done to the car up until now

Should I attempt to start the car with the EHA disconnected?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. Mike
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