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Originally posted by 79450sl
I am in the process of doing the box on my 450. Have you bought a seal kit yet? It shocked me to see how many seals actually go in this thing. If you have the service manual or CD there is a fairly detailed reconditioning process in either one. Getting the pitman arm off is a pain in the butt. I broke a 3 jaw puller trying to do it.

Getting the gear box out, and putting the new one in is fairly difficult if you dont plan to remove the exhaust. You should be able to wiggle it out after a few tries. When realigning the steering shaft with the box, be careful. I had to do it 2 or 3 times to get it right.

While you are replacing the gear box, you might as well replace the steering coupler as well. That is where most of the play in my steering was.

Good luck with it!!!!

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looks like i need the scan of the manual to see how difficult this is, otherwise, i'll do the rebuild, and let a mechanic do the R&R of the box.
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