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The guy who has told me about the green vs clear coolant has actually really pissed me off now. I can't get peace of mind now because I think the green coolant is damaging my cooling system. Does his crazy theory support only newer Mercedes or does it apply to mine aswell. Mines a 1991 500SL. First he tells me his story and then he has to add that I need to get all the green coolant out completly because the two coolants will chemically react. Is what he says true? I was just going to drain the rad and block and then just add the clear coolant in. I dont like these games that certain car manufuactures are starting to play stating if you dont use their brand damage will occur. All desperately trying to make money at the expense of my peace of mind. If this is all true Merceces better be paying for my entire cooling system. He told me thats the resaon my water pump failed and if I leave it in there next is my radiator. I have been adding mercedes coolant lately because of the leak. If any chemical reaction occurs and ruins my headgasket or anything Mercedes better be supplying me with a new engine.
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