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Thanks for the reply. Do I have to clean the system first before I change the type of coolant?
To answer your question on the reason why they would be paying for it is as follows. There is nothing wrong with using the green coolant. If the car comes with the Mercedes coolant and one day you do a coolant flush somewhere else and they use the green coolant you will get the chemical reaction my friend was talking about. This is Mercedes way of punishing you for doing your service elsewhere. Then when they make you think it is your fault for taking the car elsewhere and only they can do the job properly you give them your money for the repairs. Mercedes is not the only car in the world that uses aluminum parts. Lots of American cars use aluminum and are doing okay with the green coolant. If one day the american car owner decided to use the mercedes coolant he would suffer damage to his car too for the same reason. (The chemical reaction). If a mercedes cooling system was filled with the green coolant from the start and you change the coolant every 2 years the car would be fine. Car manufactures are greedy and are in a very demanding market. If Mercedes didnt need all the money they could get they would have never merged with Chrysler. They know they make more money in servicing then sales so why not make customers believe they ruined their car on their own, so they dont blame the car or the manufacrture. How convenient. If you have every Mercedes owner buying mercedes coolant compared to a capable off the shelf coolant how much does that add to Mercedes revenue?? If you have all these people with water pump failures getting their car fixed (because they believe its their fault for using the wrong coolant) how much money will you make? If they want to play their money making games with me they better be paying for my new parts that got damaged. If you think Mercedes looks at you as a valued customer, I'm sorry, they don't. Like any business they look at you as an asset because you have the potential to earn them revenue. They will be your friend only to a point where they feel they are contributing to their asset to earn higher revenues in return. If they know for a fact that they are not going to earn any revenue from you they wont spend any money or time on you. If they feel you are an asset they will be your "friend." They play with customers minds, and they do it very well. They might say it is specifically engineered for mercedes becasue mercedes are so high tech etc.. or they will say mercedes is like no other car, blah blah blah. But if they are going to use these stunts on me I am not falling for their tricks. They messed up my car with their cleverly disguised tactics they are going to pay for my damages. Isn't it a perfect world when everyone services their car at Mercedes because if they go elsewhere the wrong cooalnt will be added and its the customers fault. Then to top it off the ones who serviced their car elsewhere now earn Mercedes more money with their more costly repairs. So you make more money from your customers if they fix their car somewhere else. Amazing, eh? It's all business. Thats how this world works. No manufacrturer wants their car to be perefect, they want it to break down sooner or later. And when it breaks down they want the customer to think it was their fault the car broke down.
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