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Re: Brake bleed on 95 E420... questions

I have 92 400E and that should be identical
brake bleeders to your '95. My comments
preceeded by *

Originally posted by Joseph_H
1) Do I need to remove the tires to get to each bleed nipple or just raise the tires to get access?

*No. It makes it a little easier if the tires
*are off. I had mine off as I was working
*on the brakes. Make sure car is level
*i.e. do not have rear jacked up and front
*down...either all four on the ground or
*all four at the same height above ground.
*This will (hopefully) prevent air bubbles *from getting trapped in weird places in your *brake lines.
*Bleed sequence
*Passenger Side Rear
*Driver Side Rear
*Passenger Side Front
*Driver Side Front

*You can choose to bleed the ABS
*contraption and that I believe that
*procedure is documented in the E-Class *Owner's Bible by Stu Ritter (your local *Barnes & Noble should have it)

*I did not bleed the ABS unit and have
*not detected any untoward issues.

2) Where is exactly the bleed nipple located and how does it look like? Is it covered with some special cap?

*The nipple is easy to find if you peak behind each wheel assembly and should have
*small black rubber cap on it.
3) Do I need special wrench, or can I use a box wrench and what size?
*I used regular box wrench...If I recall *correctly it was an 8 mm...but this was
*4 months ago so do not hold me to it.
*Again, easy to check.CAUTION: Do not overtighten those bleed screws when you are done.

4) I am planning to use the Motive Power bleed unit. How much pressure do I pump it to draw the brake fluid, I read somewhere 30 PSI, is that correct?

*That is what I used...I kept it 20psi seemed *to do the trick. Your mileage may vary.

5) What brand of brake fluid shall I use? Dealer parts dept guy said any DOT4 will do, is that the case? I thought MB recommends a particular brand?

*I used Valvoline Synpower Dot 4...I am sure
*there is a plethora of opinion on what to use. I use this stuff in all of my cars.

Good Luck!

92 400E 128K

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