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My 300E has unknown mileage (I estimate 200 to 250K the odometer did not work for 2 1/2 years, it was fixed a year before I bought it) I know the previous owner, and he traveled a lot to Georgia from NY. For the last 10 years this car has had the green stuff in it. (I have owned it for 4). It is flushed religiously every year. No problems.
Now the water pump is leaking, only when cold.
I do not think it is coolant related, since these pumps (original pump) are known to fail around that mileage (if not before).
I will be draining all the coolant to change the pump (got a brand new LASO pump for under $100 that is including shipping charges), I am not sure yet whether to do the flush and put the MB stuff, or keep using the green stuff.
Mind you, I have spent 3 days reading every single post on the "MB stuff versus green stuff debate".
I think I am ready for my PhD dissertation on coolants.

This car was built in May 1986, 17 1/2 years ago.
I need someone with knowledge to answer this question for me:
Was the MB coolant around when this car was built? Or was the green stuff put in when the car was built?

I do not want to change from the green stuff, since obviously have not done any harm.

This is NOT to start a new debate. I just need the answer to the question above.
Thanks in advance for the information.
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