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Oil leak help

Hi all

My 98 E-320 just start to have a little leak (3-4 drops a day) underneath the transmission, I am copying a picture posted earlier for visual aid purpose. The oil leak shows on the edge where (I suppose) the transmission and the enginer comes together - It's right above the black bar that runs accross near top of the picture. I brought it to the a shop and was told that the transmission main seal MAYBE bad. It would be about $550-600 job - but the part is about $30-40. Now I have a few questions and hopefully I can get some info:

1. Did anyone experience the same thing on a W210 and what could be the exact problem?

2. I just change the transmission oil and it's dark red/pinkish color. This oil leak is brownish, so could it be a different leak rather than a transmission?

3. I check all other oil (brake, pt, engine) and they seem O.K. Now would it be safe to leave it alone for a while?

Thanks in advance
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