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Well, let me add my comments. I just did this last week on my '95 E300D. I STRONGLY suggest removing the wheels - one at a time. In fact, I'd say it's a practical requirement, especially if you have not done this before.

Bleeder nipples are notorious for being stuck - i.e. hard to loosen. I don't know where you live, but unless the car is a garage queen in Arizona you could have problems getting them loose with a plain wrench. They are soft material and EASY to round off. I strongly suggest (again) you get a "flare nut" wrench for this. This is like a box end wrench, only it's a 6 point with a gap in it. You don't want to break off a bleeder, ask me how I know. It is cheap insurance to have a good wrench. A set of 3 are not that expensive at Sears.

Also, even with a good quality wrench, the nipples may not want to break loose. I put my propane torch on them and heat them up some (not red hot) then chill them with an ice cube a few times to thermal cycle them, also you probably should soak them with penetrating oil a few days ahead of time. Those steps should make them easy to break free.

I used 20 psi on my Motive Power bleeder, and you can follow Stu Ritter's procedure for the ABS, as the other poster said. You will probably use about 2 liters or so of brake fluid - that's the minimum I would have on hand.

Good luck - you'll feel satisfied when you're done - getting that nasty brown stuff out of the lines!

Chris W.
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