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Originally posted by Machnumber2
.....Also, is there a way to repair the window console switch? When I push it forward to roll window up, it does not make a "click" sound and the window does not roll up. I thought that maybe the console was preventing me from pushing the button all the way down but it did the same even after I pulled the whole switch out a bit.
Here's a post that may help. If your switches look like these, they are VERY repairable. The design (internally) changed over the years and they have made them cheaper and more assy friendly. (Scroll down the post for pics)

82 300TD I want my window switches to light up!!!!

I have lots of parts for these for various years and can probably provide anything you need so I'd HIGHLY recommend you repair them yourself and enjoy another 20 years from them.

Also, I can repair them for you if you'd like.
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