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Question w123 subframe replacement????

Hello everyone-
my car is a euro 230, w123 023 121 .....
this has been a debate of mine with my father for some rear subframe mounts. i have read that after these past 23 years they can be very exhausted and in need of replacement for various benifits. i own new ones but my father is very leary of doing the repair in regards to our location...We are in buffalo,ny and the car was used herebefore i bought it. we had one ruff ride sealing her back up, restoring the chassis, metal,frame,etc...he feels that pulling those bolts might be a can of worms if the threaded area is destroyed, rotted out or in trouble. it would become a large task to take them out and replace with new thread boxes, or in the worst case the car could recieve a fatal blow, these are worst case situations. everything else came apart and was restorable, only one caliber bolt ever broke and needed to be drilled out and re tapped.... has anyone in a salted winter climate (or with a compimised w123) changed these and if so what did you find out?
ps the car rides and tracks fine.
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