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Thanks folks for your interest - it truly is appreciated. As far as the ignition is concerned - the symptons did not present themselves under any rough/bump scenario. Under load, reduced acceleration, cruise, it has happened. I'll try to remember toying with the switch next time though to confirm. My changing the coil may be a hint. The car has never exhibited a "hard-to-start" problem - until 12 hours after coil changeover. I have replaced everything exactly as before. I inspected the voltage regulator and the brushes look as if new. The hall effect idea is a good one. I had one go on a V8 Volvo (302 Ford) I owned. But when that happened it just flat out died and could not restart. For those reasons I had not thought to go there. Tonight I should find some time to inspect. Its crazy I tell you! I'll be ordering the Magnecor wires in a few days for grins. Again thanks for following and certainly appreciate any new ideas. You can count on my keeping you informed!
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