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E320 or E420

I recently purchased a 1995 E420 about a month ago.After looking at Ebay Auto Trader Hemmings and many other sites i had my mind set on an E320.

Right before i was able to purchase the E320 that i really wanted someone bought it.So it was back to the drawing board.I had tons of Mercedes saved up in files.

One day while searching i ran across an 95 E420 Special Edition in the color i liked.

The asking price to me was unbelievable on top of me not thinking that this Benz would still be around.

I had to drive over 900 miles just to see it.I called the owner in Massachussets to see if it was truly still available.

I got there about 30 minutes after they closed.I stopped by to look at the Benz and the picture did it no justice.

As i walked around it i kept thinking WOW! The color was exactly what i was looking for.

It was onwed by a physician who had service records from day one.The attendant started it for me and said take it for a spin.

As i sat there getting familarized in the cockpit a friend who was in the passenger seat said start it up.

I began to touch the key in the ignition when i remembered that there was smoke coming from the exhaust.

You could not actually tell that this car was running.As we pulled out from the dealership just an ever so slight press on the pedal showed me that this baby was built for the autobahn.

I could'nt help from keeping a sly grin as i drove it home.It performed flawlessly.

Today it is still as smooth as day one.Don't tell anyone but at times when i get up in the middle of the night i sneek and take a peek at her.

If you get the chance the E420 is the way to go.Once it gets a hold of you you will never be the same.

It gets in your blood and there's actually not a cure for it except to appease her as she begs you to press just a little harder on the pedal so she can show you what she can do.

You'll never regret it.Sorry for the long post but i attribute it to the effect she now has on me.
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