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Once you check in you don't need your card or wallet, but if you want to buy dinner or a soda or something, you carry money in an amulet pouch on a leather thong around your neck. My daughter made a beautiful pouch for me as a gift. She is still not a nudist, but her boyfriend , Scott, is trying to convince her. When you go to a nudist resort you don't find just beautiful bodies. You find people as they are. Some people are 75, some people are 14, some people are 10, some people have had a breast removed, some people have had a tripple bypass, some people are pregnant, some people are having a period, some people have a microscopic penis, some have beautiful bodies. The point is that nudists accept people as they are. I'm not coming down hard on you, man. I know you are funnin with me. So relax and check it out. I'm tellin you it is the most fun you can have with your clothes off. Don't worry, if you ask a lady for a slow dance, you won't get a boner.

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