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Angry M102 4-cyl E230 ('87) COLD START PROBLEM

I have the 2.3 4-cylinder engine with single point injection. When I crank it up first time in the morning, it starts, and dies . Crank again - same, after about four tries, it starts and runs lumpy (mustn't touch the throttle pedal!) - after about 20 seconds - it runs fine . All the while the 'ECONOMY' needle is swinging from left to right (into the red) like a pendulum!

After this everytime I crank up, it starts like a dream - until it gets down to 'cold' starting temperature again. Is there a sensor that could be down or what should I check??

Muchos Gracias!
1987 230TE (W124/M102) RH Drive 4-speed auto, 7 seater.
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