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Re: E320 or E420

Originally posted by dreamer
If you get the chance the E420 is the way to go.Once it gets a hold of you you will never be the same.

It gets in your blood and there's actually not a cure for it except to appease her as she begs you to press just a little harder on the pedal so she can show you what she can do.

You'll never regret it.Sorry for the long post but i attribute it to the effect she now has on me.
I agree 100%! The one i ended up buying was in NY. I had a PPI done by a MB dealer (who was not the place i bought it from), and the shop manager was nice enough to do the inspection himself and gave me a detailed report. After that i had it shipped to Seattle.

Oh, also, word to the wise: If you buy from any dealer, be sure to get a warranty, get the most coverage and the lowest deductable offered. I paid for a Wynns warranty. It covered a whole lot and offered 4 years and 48 thousand miles of warranty coverage. It was more than worth the cost and i still have about 2 years or 28 thousand miles of coverage remaining.

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