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Removal of trans console to access fader

Thanks for the reply from the "Q" continuum. Damn, I love this forum, it was worth every penny I paid for it!!! Seriously though, in mine, you have to lift up the ashtray (after you slide it open, of course) and then remove two little screws to actually remove the whole ashtray. Otherwise, Thank You, you are a genius, the process that you suggest worked just fine. As for the suggestion of wiring the speakers from scratch, I think that is a lot harder than just using splice connectors to tap in to the wires that Mercedes already put in. Then, to figure out what is what, I will just "pop" the speakers one at a time using a 9 Volt battery. Also, because someone who was in Der Kriegsmarine wired these guys, as far as speaker wires are concerned, red is port (left), and green is starboard (right). Only thing to figure out is which set is front, and which is rear. This process is possibly simplified further by the fact that the speaker wires are tagged with a part number that might tell me something. But, I think this will be fairly easy for me, and will only require about 2 or 3 feet of speaker wire per speaker. I figure 12 feet of 10ga speaker wire should do the job. If you see flawed logic here, or any inaccuracies, please respond.

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