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re: 400E PS pump and brakes

Thanks for all the replies, I'm negotiating with the dealership service rep, who tells me my pump is out of the car and on the bench. Told him my research indicated this is not a ten hr job to R&R the PS pump ( even another dealership quoted me 5 hrs, and Alldata says 6.4 with the reseal. ) He says "I can work with you on the labor". I'm not trying to nit pick but there is a difference between customer service and customer rip-off.
Next thing he tells me is my front brakes which were changed with new pads and rotors 19,243 miles ago definitely need BOTH new pads and rotors. Again I say " conventional thinking seems to be I should get more than one pad change out of a set of rotors " . His reply is "you Have Kleen Wheel disks and they cause premature brake wear because they overheat the brakes". This car is driven by my school teacher wife to and from school less than 6 miles one way. The brakes on this car would never overheat even if she dragged them all the way there and back (which she doesn't ride the brake). Anybody care to weigh in on the Kleen Wheel issue? I think I will have a chat with the general manager of this dealership and if not supported , I will vote with my feet and not return to Grand Blanc Motorcars.
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