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In my expereience, the pumps that most often leak are the ones that have had ATF added to them, haven't had the fluid and/or PS filters changed. I believe it was suggested that the additives in ATF were hostile to PS pump seals.

Don't use ATF in PS pumps.

There was quite a bit of discussion about not using ATF in PS pumps about a year ago on this forum. Try searching under Larry Bible and Power Steering Pumps.

A lot of dealerships automatically try to replace rotors with change of pads. This was there is next to zero reason for you to bring it back for any brake related issues.

Mercedes, as I recall, doesn't recommend turning (shaving) rotors. I was once told it was an "American" kind of thing. Whether or not, ask your service advisor whether they are under sized or not. Shops like this often will not turn your rotors as well.

Here in California, disks have to be measured prior to turning them. If the thickness after turning makes them undersized, shops will not turn them.

I have had good luck with turning rotors, cross drilled and non-cross drilled.

I also use PBR Deluxe pads to help eliminate the brake dust problem. I still get a little, but no where near the amount of dust with OEM pads.

Regarding Kleen Wheels, this has been discussed many times on this forum. Do a search. There are some that will never run them while others who swear by them. With a competition background, I just can't reduce the amount of air that normally circulates through the wheels to cool the pads and rotors.

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