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thanks again for the feedback, I did search both to PS issue and the Kleen Wheels issue before I posted. the jury is still out on Kleen Wheels. Absolutely NO for racing but for most folks daily driving the overheating the brakes issue is bunkum.(no my wife is not secretly autocrossing or sedan racing ) This car is a daily driver for a little old schoolmarm in an urban environment who puts on less than 10K per year. That's why it only has 72K on it total. KWs have been on this car for six years and only the last set of pads and rotors had poor longevity. Yes, I know it is a heavy car and the pads are soft to begin with but 19K on, a new set of rotors is not to be expected. Yes I live in road salt country but none of the rest of my 6 vehicles are showing this kind of wear. KW disks are also on my Audi A6 Avant and pads and disks are good there for 45-50 K.
Service mgr has yet to return my call as to current thickness of front disks on the 400E. I had a Range Rover Classic for 8 years (talk about heavy with soft pads) and still got 50-60K out of pads, rotors on that are never turned and always replaced (but not after 19K). Speaking of that, the ZF power steering pump on that vehicle specifically requires ATF (so much for the notion that ATF eats Ps seals).Thanks again for all who took the trouble to reply.
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