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Dear John......

I have put some pretty extensive info in on the dual wire style removal, but have not personally done the single wire yet. I will say this, the hole and wire that is inserted is to push a spring clip that is a locking feature out of the way. Wire size is important to make this fully happen. I think the CD says a 2 mm wire. I would also taper the end with a file to create a ramp effect. Lastly, you should feel the wire tool go from kind of loose and bumping around in the hole to a kind of tight resistance. This is from the clamping effect of the spring clip after it is pushed aside. I actually used an allen wrench, picking varying sizes that would just fit tight. They are more sturdy than paperclips. I am pretty sure that the key/tumbler does not rotate during the unscrewing. This is because the interior side is still engaged with the steering lock and switch, and is to remain in the #1 position during the whole operation. I would fully expect the threads to be standard, you just have to play with it. After successfully completing this you can graduate to safecracking and lock picking! Good luck and please post details for future reference.
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