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Thanks for all your help! Here's a pic of the seat belt bracket in question..the black plastic bascially split in two. The part itself is about $70 from the dealer. They said it won't take long to install, so I figure 1 hour of labor. That's about $140. It's not bad at all..I was just hoping MB would cover it because the safety of the passengers might be compromised (I bet Ford is taking tire complaints pretty seriously now).

The rep at MBUSA that i talked to said that the gas cartridge in the seat belt should not be affected, so it will not affect the seat belt tensioning system in case of an accident. Does this make sense? I realize the other little stuff won't be fixed just because the car is WAY over warrantee. =) But it was worth a shot letting MB know that I feel the quality of their cars has gotten a little worse in my opinion. Thanks for all your help guys! I really enjoy this site a lot. Thanks to all the great moderators and members who have always offered their help...Have a great holiday!!

Jimmy Hwang

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