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Originally posted by Glen

Out of curiosity, how much do you expect to pay for a 5-speed tranny and necessary associated pieces to convert your car?
I discovered something one day while I was doing an amatuer detail job on my '69 230/8. (It was an automatic also, so I lied about the CE being my first automatic. But, I only kept the 230 for a couple of months because it just didn't "feel" like a Mercedes should.) When I pulled out all of the driver side floor matting to do a good cleaning, I noticed that the body was drilled for a clutch. I was impressed! Good idea, make one body for any transmission.

So, first of all, I assume Damlier still makes one body. That being the case, and not counting the cost of the donor car, I'd be willing to pay $2k to get a manual transmission in my car. The donor car would probably supply most of the linkage and hardware. Only thing that would have to be purchased new is the console stuff. But then again, maybe the hole in the console wood is in the same place and only a boot need be purchased.

That's $2k plus the cost of the donor car. Hence, looking for a donor car that has a blown engine and/or crummy body.

Is my estimate way low? I wouldn't do the labor myself. Enrique would have a field day with this one.
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