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Re: w124 2nd gear question

Originally posted by sjsfiji
Hi All,

When driving in traffic sometimes I place the car in 2nd gear. After a few yards it jerks like it kicked down to 1st. It seems to stay in 1st and never gets up to 2nd. Do I have a problem or it just appears to be 1st. I'm asking since normally the car starts in 2nd when in D and it feels torquier once it's been in 2nd for a while.

Some of this is normal MB transmission behavior. Your car does normally start in 2nd when in Drive. By putting it in 2, you force it to start in 1st. Also, when you are coasting to a stop and in 2, you WILL feel a rather abrupt downshift; for some reason this doesn't happen in Drive, even if you have 1st gear start (which came about in '92 if I'm not mistaken).

However, what's NOT normal is it not upshifting out of 1st.
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