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Here are the details:
I agree with Deezel, and allen wrench is much better than a paper clip. Good advice there. The paper clip is too weak and flexible to make a good tool.
Mine was especially tight coming out. I attribute this to the use of cheap alloy for the stationary portion of the tumbler housing and the age of the car, (1989). I fought it the whole way out. Before installing the new one, I cleaned the threads and appliced some lubricant. Went in nice and easy!
Grabbing the collar to turn it out of the dash was difficult. It is well hidden and smooth. Tough to grab with plier, etc. In hindsight, buy the special tool. I think it costs about 20-30 bucks.
The new tumbler comes with one key, from MB dealer, $75 US here in Florida. The new key works all the locks on the car smoothly, and here costs $35 for a copy by itself, so $75 ain't too shabby.
Forward any questions that I missed via e mail, and I will try to help out.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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