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You are one of that lucky 1%! What is your compelling agenda? As a few examples: pure passion? Lower or lowest cost? Work-a-day transportation? Or?? Do you want a MB?

Iíve driven a couple of the 2.x C class MBs. In short, they are cool. One was a near new C230 Kompresser and it had all the features of other new MBs and was a hoot to drive. Plus it tore up the pavement if given a chance. Another was a couple of years ago. It was a Ď98 (I think) C230. It was remarkably like a 124 but had a spunkier in ride. Iíve also driven a recent model Hyundai. Believe it or not, it too had all the basic features and was pleasant to drive and not too slow. Plus it got around 35 MPG on the hiway. So it just depends on your agendaÖ

The recent year MB cars with v8s offer between a little more to a lot more in performance and sometimes finish elements than do their 6 and 4 banger siblings.

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