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Hydraulic Fluid Accumulator part

Accumulators for 1990 300TE

Does anyone know of a parts supplier who can provide these accumulators for less than $107.07 per unit?
I have been to, and that is the price.

Seems a little high for a simple plastic/metal device with a rubber diaphragm inside. The silly thing looks like a float unit for a water closet (toilet).

Are rebuilt units available and reliable? Maybe I should check my mechanic's junkyard. Hm.

Also, is it recommend that I simply change the fluid first, and inspect the units. Or should I just get the units, and do it all at once. The ride is o.k., but I can hear the pump running all the time in warm weather, and when I have rear-seat passengers. I assume it is the pump trying to move fluid to level the car.

Thank you ~
1990 300TE
210k miles
Engine: 103.983
Chassis: 124.090
17/27 mpg
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