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Talking Daily drivers

I don't live where you are, but find that the smaller engined Benzs do not have sufficient torgue(power) in the lower speed range like city driving and up and down hill runs like where I am living. Its a nightmare sometimes when I am trying to go fast enough to get up the next hill without having to kickdown. Sometimes the kickdown is just enough to get me up there, but there is no more acceleration on this gear even with the foot on the floor. This is a 1994 Euro C180 I drive as a weekend car. When cold, the gears change with a distinct pause/jerk whatever you call it. Daily drive is a Toyota Camry with a 2.2ltr engine which is much stronger. The Toyota is a better city car, stop and goes are very smooth. The Benz needs more stepping to get going, but after 80kph, its alright. Very economical compared with a C320 I drove , a friend's car. This car goes like the wind( 6cyl ) even with 4 people and 3 full golf bags. I also drove a E200 in another flat place and it had no power at all being a W124, very heavy for this engine size. The petrol went very quickly too.
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