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Hey, Thanks again! I wasn't originally going to mess with the fader, but a local car stereo shop told me I would have to bypass it, and once I got to the pruning and preening of the old wires, cold logic told me that 4 channels into 2 divided again by the fader wasn't a good idea. I am figuring that there will be one pair per speaker, as that is how the wires come to the radio from the fader (two pair).

As for the ashtray, it took me a little while to figure out how to take it out, so I mentioned the screws partly as a point of humor, and partly as a "courtesy" reference for anyone reading the post in the future who hadn't taken one out before. But, does anyone have a clue about the two conductor wire with the MB molded click-lock connector on the end? I am planning on tapping in to the 12v side of it for the "yellow" wire to the stereo.

On the subject of rear clearance, I am wondering, can I just install the radio/CD player without the little rubber bumper that goes on the back end, or will I still need some additional support. I guess trial and error will be the best way of determining that.
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