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Heat on S500 doesn't produce heat:( Its freezing cold outside


Recently I purchased a blower motor w/ regulator off a 96 s500 sedan.. My car is a 95 s500 sedan.. Installed it with no problems. At first, when I put it on cold air max it was blowing cold air in all the vents and hot air in the passenger side window side.. After some time it stopped doing that and blew cold air in all the vents but started blowing hot air through the vents towards the front window (over dashboard)..

A few weeks later it stopped doing that and instead started turning off the a/c on its own and I coudln't restart it w/o opening hood and unplugging the fuse..putting it back in..

everything is working fine now EXCEPT for the heat. it just doesn't blow warm or hot is only blowing fan air. I'm in a hurry so I can't edit etc.
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