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Still need some help here . . .

Well, I replaced the fuel filter, all the coils, wires and plugs.
(by the way . . . use caution while working with the plug wires, the vacuum lines are brittle!). And, so . . . No change.

Battery voltage is 12.6+ and 13.8+ while car is running. I don't think it's the battery or alternator. (By the way, the OBDII scan tool I bought will not clear the codes either. I read that somewhere here. It says reading 1 of 1 and erasing, but then says 1 code remaining??!!)

Car cranks right up, idles at 1000 then cuts off. If I crank it and don't touch the throttle it bounces from 1000 to 500 and back and forth, but when I push the throttle it goes dead. However, once tonight it ran fine for several hundred hards . . . never missed a lick . . . but then died.

Seems that touching the throttle kills it. Is it possible there is a throttle actuator problem. Code is P0300 (multiple engine misfire) and "Check Engine Electronics" is displayed on dash.

I've been told that I may have a OVP problem, but the symptoms are not the same. It always starts right up with only a couple of revolutions.

Need some advice if possible, what else is there to look for. Tried to get in touch with MB Autoworks but no answer there today. I'm fixing to search here for a while to see if I can come up with something.

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