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In the USA, gas is cheap. Too cheap actually. People aren't inclined to conserve and don't hesitate to drive far more car than they need, HP wise anyhow. Modern six and some four cylinder cars are much faster than the muscle cars we drove in the 70's, (not to mention 2 to 3 times the gas mileage). They are safer, and built better than ever before. So why. do so many people choose to drive a 6000 lb, 350 HP. 4 wheel drive, 12 mpg SUV to commute to work? Judging by sales numbers for these vehicles, people have thrown conscience and good sense to the wind, not to mention excessive amounts of money. When it comes to cars, people don't think rationally. There's an entire physcology at work here. I have seen the future and I remember the past. Sooner or later, gas will become scarce and the cost will go way up. Then everyone will be lining up to buy 3 cylinder PRISM's. In the mean time, think of a car in terms of reliable transportation, not a substitute for ego, status, or symbol of sexual prowess; then purchase accordingly.
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