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Remove junk from center console, and remove ash tray insert if any ashes are present, or any other loose junk.

Remove 2 black screws from bottom of center console storage box and remove center console storage box.

Set parking brake

Turn ignition to "ON", step on service brake and put shifter into "drive".

Option: Either use a big screwdriver and pry up rear of wood panel to unsnap wooden panel, OR use your hand and push up on rear of wooden panel from underneath the panel. The plastic piece around the shifter will come off with the wood, no need to remove seperately.

After it's unsnapped, you can pull the wood panel up and unsnap the electrical connectors. Some of the smaller ones you just need to use your fingernail or a small screwdriver to unsnap the connector. The connector for the lighter will also need to be disconnected.

Once the panel is removed, you'll see the 4 snaps (2 front 2 rear) to remove the switch pack from the wooden panel. Use a small screwdriver to unsnap it. Don't FORCE anything or you'll break the little snaps on the console, then you'll have to utilize screws to attach the switch pack (you'll see what I mean when you get the wood panel removed)

It all goes back together the way it came apart. The small rubber mat in the front of the console (in the small storage cubby) you might want to remove to reinstall the wood panel. It'll take a pretty good thump to get the wood panel to snap back in the console, you can just do it by hand though.

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