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92 300E transmission help!

A friend of mine has a 1992 300E and has some tranny problems. The car runs, drives, and shifts perfectly. When in gear (any gear) it makes a squeak-squeak-squeak noise that varies directly with rpm.

It went to the dealer, and they spent some time with the car, and found the noise is indeed coming from inside the transmission. They have NO idea of what might be causing it, and won't even guess without opening the tranny.

He didn't have time to leave the car, so it's still a mystery.

The car has 275,000km's (about 170K-miles) and the tranny is original. I did notice the fluid to be dark and dirty, so I suggested changing it, but not sure if that'll make any difference at all.

The car is in great condition otherwise, and I think it's worth looking into a new tranny if need be, but I am stumped by this problem. The tech even said he'd never heard a similar noise.

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