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blower motor or regulator? and difficultiy

Hello Everyone,

This is for a 1992 300D 2.5 turbo (124). Here is the deal...

I took the car to the dealership because AT IDLE, there is no blower motor movement. BUT WHEN DRIVING AT FAST RPM (i.e. highway) the blower motor will work.

The dealership quoted $1200 and said both needs to be replaced. I asked which one is bad, and they dont know because you have to take the windsheild wiper motor out to properly diagnose the problem and it would cost $500 bucks (just diagnose the problem)

So should I replace both or find out which one is giving me problems and replace just the one.

1) I did a search on the subject and nobody really talked about how long it takes or any difficulties they encountered.

2) I changed the blower motor fuse and cleaned the contacts, but no help.

3) last winter i heard some squeeling noise from the dashboard area and when i turned off the heat system "O", the noise went away. But it worked fine and didnt make any noise over the summer so i just left it alone.

So... where should I start?
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