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A little more detail -- suggestions appreciated

(96 E320; M104 inline6)

First it surged hard while the wife was in traffic and then quit. She said if she hadn't had her foot on the brake she would have hit the car in front of her! Then it started cutting out when she would press the accelerator like it wasn't getting fuel. She continued to crank and go for several miles to try to get it home. Eventually, it wouldn't idle at all. When I got there it did idle and I started to move it home but only got several hundred feet. Called a wrecker.

Code P0300 (multiple engine misfire). Yesterday I replaced all coils, plugs, plug wires and fuel filter. No help. It cranks fine and if I don't touch the accelerator it pulsates from 500 to 1500 or so. A few times it eventually leveled out around 700. Usually, when I press the accelerator it dies, but I was able to drive it about a 1/4 mile last night just fine. But, then it died again. I cranked it and easied it home.

There are posts about OVP, but that usually has something to do with NOT starting. The only other thing was the wiring harness and Throttle Actuator. I was hoping the '96 models didn't have the wiring problem. It has 170+ miles on it.

Oh, well. Told the wife she's getting a new car . . . one piece at a time! :-)

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

How many of you say 'Throttle Actuator"?
How many say "Wiring Harness"?
How many say "go back to diesels"?

This is our first gas burner since 1989, I'm not impressed.
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