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The last time I had anything to do with a v8 was a 1972 Ford pick up truck and that was during the early/mid 70's. It's been mostly four cylinders since that time. I owned a 6 cylinder for awhile (1995 E320) and finally settled in with the five cylinder diesels. If work were within 5 miles I would probably just ride the bicycle. I could easily get by just fine on the Yamaha Jog 50cc (50+ mpg) on a daily basis. The absolute most enjoyable commute I have ever had was an 11 mile, one way, commute to work on the Bianchi Eros - did that real regular for about 4 years. The area where I live is suited for bicycle (weather/terrain wise) riding/commuting and it would be nice to have bicycle lanes but that is not the way they build things. I suspect that will change when gasoline is $3/gallon.
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