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rkreutzer; tHE ROTORS SEEM TO BE LIKE NEW WITH LITTLE WEAR. tHEY HAVE NEVER BEEN REPLACED. I HAVE AND NEVER DO USE THE BRAKES VERY HARD. I THINK. The question is where would I go to get a step by step (pictures would help) tutor on changing all the pads? If you know of one, I'd appreciate knowing where to find it. Thank you very much for your intersest. BTW I have'nt spend a dime fixing this car other than battery and tires. I'm amazed at how little maintenace the auto needs. Even at 200K miles nothing has gone wrong with it. No oil leaks, no use of oil between 5K mile changes, Castrol Syntec 5W50. I did replace the stock wipers as they are not really a good design but this did not bother me. Love the car and use it on all our trips. Thanks again for your interest. PF
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