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My wife teases me 'cause I refer to Mercedesshop as "Group Therapy", so I'm going to ask the group a question...

I have an 86 300e with 89,000 on the clock. I drive 90 miles a day. 45 each way to work on the open freeway. Not too many hills. Mostly an easy and clear shot along the Pacific Coast Highway. If I'm doing really well, with the tires perfectly inflated, with high grade gasoline and fresh oil, I can maybe get 25 MPG out of a tank. That's with perfect conditions. I would like to squeeze another couple of miles out of there. I was thinking,
Would a hotter sparking coil do the trick? I use Non-platnum Bosch plugs. Are there better? Is there a front spoiler that would keep air from under the car? Would this do anything anyway? I have read posts from some of you about some oil additive... I can't remember the name. Do some of you 300e drivers have any tricks or is 25 MPG about what I'm stuck with.
Kyle De Priest
2007 e320 Bluetec
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