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Thanks for the responses... I average about 21 to 23 with the car right now. Lowering the car is an interesting idea. I love the way it rides now and I really enjoy driving it. It's just that the gasoline is killing me... especially at close to 2 bucks a gallon!
As far as synthetic oil goes, I was a strong advicate of the stuff. Not to start another thread on this subject, but when I first got my car at 62,800 miles on it, I switched to synthetic immediately. I thought, this car is going to live forever!!! Well, the car sprang more leaks than you can believe. Like crazy, all the oil that ran out of there. I talked to a MB tech and he told me to switch back and see what happens. I did, and the engine is clean now. I might look into the lowering idea. How about the low spoiler? (not one that looks obvious, I hate that stupid stuff) just a black one under there?
Any thoughts?
Kyle De Priest
2007 e320 Bluetec
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