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Let's wean the Baby

Kyle DePriest, I have a 1987 300E with 169,000 miles.Let me tell you what I've done to improve my fuel consumption.
1) removed mid-muffler. Replaced with 3" Y pipe
2) Jacob's Ignition System
3) K&N Air filter element
4) 8mm silicone spark plug wires
5) Copper cored spark plugs gapped at 0.052 inches
6) Wrapped the exhaust manifold with insulating materials
7) Inflated tires to 35psig
8) No full throttle starts
9) Learn new driving habits
10) Use the A/C only when needed
With all of these and there may be more, for calender year 1999,my overall mpg was 19.9. Boy would I like to get 22mpg let alone 25 and want 2mpg more.

I just can't cut it
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